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Procurement Technology Advisory

Forcefields Ghana Limited helps clients navigate the crowded and complicated Procurement Technology landscape with confidence. In addition to identifying best-fit solutions, Forcefields Ghana Limited’s Strategic Sourcing experts support in implementing solutions and preparing Procurement teams to employ them effectively. Closing a gap in the Procurement Technology space, this service offering ensures that Forcefields Ghana Limited’s clients optimize their approach to Procurement solutions.

End-to-End Procurement Technology Support

  • Our Procurement Technology consultants will embed themselves within your Procurement team’s operations to gain a thorough understanding of its unique wants and needs. 
  • Assessing your current Procurement Technology purchases, we’ll identify opportunities to optimize incumbent agreements, reduce costs, and get more from the technologies you’re already employing.
  • Next, our Procurement Technology team will assist Procurement in navigating the crowded Procurement Technology market. We’ll assess your options to identify best-fit solutions.
  • Next, our Procurement Technology team will assist Procurement in navigating the crowded Procurement Technology market. We’ll assess your options to identify best-fit solutions.
  • Once they’ve identified the ideal Procurement solution, our team of technology consultants will oversee the process of contracting and negotiating. We’ll ensure you attain the best Procurement technology at the best possible price.
  • If necessary, we’ll assist Procurement in developing training programs to ensure your new technologies are introduced quickly and effectively.
  • Whether you’re implementing a new eSourcing platform, spend analysis tool, contract lifecycle management software, or another Procurement technology, we’ll manage each stage of the implementation process.
  • As your relationships with new Procurement Technology providers evolve, our supplier relationship managementexperts will oversee your interactions and ensure each vendor is providing the maximum possible strategic value.