Payroll Service

Nowadays, the continuously changing business environment is obviously reflected upon the increasing employment dynamics and therefore leading to the constant need for keeping employee data under control in a more effective manner.

Therefore, we offer both payroll services and integrated online solutions, in order to ensure precise and on-time payroll processing, employee and company data confidentiality, compliance with employment and labor law requirements, controlled access to employee’s data and a transparent communication process.

Due to our expertise, we are able to provide complete payroll services, reporting and consultancy regardless of the area of

your activity, local characteristics or the number of employees you have.

  • Monthly payroll calculation

  • Data input into the payroll system based on received information from HR department
  • Secure data exchange and approval
  • Data verification and monthly payroll statement & payslips generation

Payroll Reports

Monthly, quarterly or annual filing of statutory payroll statements yearly settlement of personal income tax preparation of any specific payroll reports required by your management statistical reports

Labour Negotiation

Forcefields Ghana Limited expertise in negotiation will calm the usual adversarial posture that characterized labour - management negotiation. We will tool your team with the right skills to sail through without resorting to the Law court.

Payroll Reports

Monthly, quarterly or annual filing of statutory payroll statementsYearly settlement of personal income taxPreparation of any specific payroll reports required by your managementStatistical reports


Preparation and distribution of payslips tailored to the needs of your employees Electronic payslips option Online archive of payslips and HR documents Hotline services and payroll inquiry handling Monthly payments administration Realization of all salary payments via trustee account Handling social contributions and income tax payments according to local requirements Full support with bank account setup Handling communication with local bank representatives workplace dispute resolution, LSA has the expertise in settling dispute arising out of interdependency at the workplace