Human Resource Management & Payroll Outsourcing

Handling employees’ documentation is a time consuming and sensitive activity that must be handled with caution, on time and by assuring maximum data security.


Import & Export

At Export-Import Services Inc., our licensed, professional import services team has years of experience and ensures your goods sail smoothly through the Ghanaian Customs process, which can be fraug...


Occupational Health & Safety

Health, Safety, Environment



We offer various services, including but not limited to Audit Services, Benchmarking Services, RFP Response Consulting, Supplier Relationship Management, and Training Programs.


Information Technology

Another way to structure an IT service business is by offering services on demand.


Managed Information Technology

We monitor your systems and security 24/7. We proactively remediate or alert you as soon as problems arise.


Electrical Installation

We work alongside industry leaders to install the following systems: security, audio/visual, sound, CATV, CCTV, paging, nurse call and card access capabilities.


Get Certified by CIPD, CMI & APM today

No International based account & traveling required. NB: All Exams are taken at British Council Ghana. Tuitions ongoing



Competitive service quality/cost ratio for the local market


We listen and adapt our advisory services to each client’s needs


You cannot prevent what you are not aware of and this is where we can make a difference


We uphold the highest ethical standards in all relationships.


We deliver high quality service to all stakeholders.


We influence and support professional development for organizational and individual success.


We are committed to being future focused, responsive to workplace and societal trends, and entrepreneurial in spirit.
We have a team of reasoned and experienced industry professionals who has the ability to deliver any of the hr services listed By efficiently delivering our accounting, payroll and HR administration services we aim at shifting the focus of your financial and HR teams towards more strategic activities. Our full-range services enable you to improve the quality, accuracy and timeliness of your administrative functions as well as increasing operational transparency by enhancing the reporting capabilities across your organization – and thus keep your business in better condition.


Top-tier solutions with long-term presence on the local market and a strong customer base


Improved data flow between departments and a smooth decisional process


A smart data exchange and communication channel for employees and employers

Everything you need in one place

  • online employee files
  • digital payslips archive
  • protected data and document exchange environment

Work faster and reduce paperwork

  • Vacation days – online requests 
  • Time and attendance overview 
  • Shifts planning 
  • Employee expenses – direct online submission

Transparent communication

  • Custom notifications 
  • Clear status for submitted documents 
  • Hotline for technical and personal requests


A company Based in Tarkwa (In the Western Region of Ghana, Forcefields Ghana Limited is a Workforce Management, Labour Hire and Outsourced Employment Solutions Provider offering Temporary Labour Hire and Recruitment Solutions across Construction, Mining Resources and Energy.

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Values & Guiding Principles


We strongly believe that at the basis of a solid company stands a dedicated team of tax and legal advisors, ready to support you from the very early stages of your business and through its development. Our advisors offer a full-range of services, from administrative support and local representation, to professional analysis and support when confronted with strategic decisions.

Great opportunities

Mission / Vision

Forcefields Ghana Limited provides customized HR outsourcing, consultation, training and education services designed to improve the competitive positioning of your organization. Our quality services are delivered with a flexible approach that exceeds customer expectations.

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26 December 2019
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26 December 2019
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